Mission aims to make beautiful functional and affordable products from recycled materials aimed at the automotive industry.


The story of was founded in October 2020 and started selling its first product in early 2021. A mounting post made from recycled Ekki hardwood. A simple hollow pedestal that remains good for at least 25 years untreated, if not longer. Thanks to its simple concept, this pedestal is universal and can therefore be used to mount virtually all charging stations available on the market. The Ekki wood is obtained from old mooring posts which are replaced every 25 years in the ports of the Netherlands and Belgium.

Besides the hardwood charging post, has also developed a second product. A similar concept but now made of recycled plastic. Again, this is a hollow pedestal to which almost all charging stations can be attached. This pedestal is also very durable and can even be reused, for example when a new charging station is purchased. The plastic used for this product is the plastic collected from households. has now sold more than 1,300 attachment posts.

Johnbert Dijker on starting the company: ‘I come from the film and documentary world and had nothing to do with making products and selling them. However, I am very creative and so I think I found a gap in the market several times a day. When I bought an electric car, a VW ID.3 first edition, a charging station had to be installed near my parking space in the garden. I quickly found the charging station (Zappi), but the mounting posts that came with it seemed lacklustre and didn’t look right. It would become something of a lollipop in the garden. A thin pedestal with the much wider charging station on top. When I mentioned my intention to buy a thick beam to attach the charging station to, Holger van Gent from the company Sokkels & Zuilen was kind enough to invite me to his workshop. He told me that together we could make something much nicer. He had some old hardwood planks lying around and so together we made a hollow pedestal through which the cables could be run.

The product was ready. And thinking that I’m sure others would also like this product, I started calling around to companies that sell charging stations. After several disappointing responses, I got Nadeem Qasmi on the line from EV Service. He was interested. After seeing the product in the boot of my car in the car park, he was very enthusiastic. We agreed that I would make some and he would sell them. was born

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Johnbert Dijker - owner

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Johnbert Dijker - owner

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