partner programme likes to work with partners all over Europe. After all, they know exactly what is happening in the market and what customers want. When developing our products, we therefore always ask for feedback, so that we can ultimately make the best product available on the market.

Apart from giving our partners the opportunity to discuss the products, we naturally also give them a discount on the purchase of our products. This allows them to offer customers a competitive price.

dropshipment’s products are relatively heavy. As a result, shipping costs are high. To reduce these costs, there are two possibilities. The first possibility is, of course, to order the products in large numbers and have them delivered by pallet. That possibility is available. The disadvantage is that you have to store the products. And storage costs money. Also, for hardwood products, storage is not always easy. The wood is intended for outdoors and in an indoor space that is too dry and heated, it will dry too quickly and too heavily. This can cause the wood to crack and even warp or twist. And when storing the products, when selling them, you also end up having to pay shipping costs a second time, which, due to the weight of the products, is costly.

The second way is to apply dropshipment. Then the partner only needs to provide the shipping details of their customer and will send the products directly. The products are then packaged anonymously and even there is the option to have your own colour logo printed on the shipping label. Actually, works this way in 90% of cases. The above problems are then solved immediately. No stocks, no own storage space needed, no problems with drying out, no handling costs and no extra shipping costs either. On top of that, no investment is needed, simply because there is thus no need for stockpiling.

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