EV charger pedestal Ekki hardwood standard


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This pedestal appears solid, yet is hollow inside. This leaves room to work all cables and pipes out of sight. This robust pedestal weighs no less than 23 Kg, is made of recycled Ekki hardwood and, untreated as a result, has a lifespan of 25 years. Its 25.5 cm width makes it suitable for allmost all available EV chargers.

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The pedestal is made of recycled Ekki (Red ironwood/Azobé) hardwood and is hollow inside, allowing all cabling to be processed out of sight, thereby offering a beautiful, luxurious and sustainable alternative to all available electric car chargers that are usually wall-mounted. Stumbling over the charging cable between the car and the house is therefore a thing of the past.

Equipment can be placed on all sides and at any height. This also allows two electric car chargers to be mounted. An additional 230V socket and even an outdoor tap are among the options. Ekki is one of the hardest woods around, which is why the pedestal has a weight of as much as 23 KG. This combined with the robust construction, makes the pedestal maintenance-free and indestructible. Untreated, Ekki hardwood remains good for at least 25 years, with ground contact and moisture not being a problem.

Drilling into Ekki wood can simply be done with a standard spade drill bit or hole saw. Therefore, holes can easily be made anywhere for cable entry. The device to be installed will be simple and rock-solid at any location on the pedestal. The pedestal has an internal space of 55 x 200 mm. Cabling can easily be run through here. Because the pedestal does not extend all the way to the base, cabling can still be installed while it is partially dug in. It is specially designed for electric car chargers and therefore has a height of 120 cm above ground. The pedestal with mounted floor plate should be dug in more than 50 cm below ground level.

Untreated, the pedestal will fade to a beautiful chocolate brown during a rainstorm and turn grey over time due to sunlight. Wood remains an organic substance, which is why it is also so beautiful.

Additional information

Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 1700 × 255 × 100 mm