about us


Laadzuil.com is a Dutch company that specialises in making mounting posts for various types of electrical equipment, such as charging stations for electric cars. More often, people are asking for solutions for installing electrical equipment outdoors. But coming up with and making a special accessory for every device is virtually impossible. The founders of Laadzuil.com saw this too. Using their passion for wood to find solutions, they developed the Azobé column. A column with a width of 25.5 cm and an inner space of 5.5 x 20 cm, allowing all charging stations to be attached without any problem.

A key driver in the concept is the cradle to cradle philosophy. Using recycled Azobé hardwood not only gives the product a huge lifespan, but also provides a solution for the discarded Azobé wood, which has done service in Dutch waters.

With decades of wood knowledge, much research and several prototypes further, a construction was finally created that does justice to the hard-to-process Azobé. Now we have a beautiful product that its makers are proud of.